In the past twenty years everything has been tried in the Western Balkans except capitalism, and yet capitalism has been blamed for the disastrous results of the experiments. Statism, socialism, nationalism - collectivism of all kinds and colors – all have been tried and all have failed. The ideology of communism has been supplemented with new content but its ultimate goal remained unchanged – continuation of the all-powerful state system. Nationalism turned out to be merely the final stage of communism. Former communists, now styled as nationalists or enlightened Euro-socialists, still dominate politics in the region.

Wars, economic collapse and illiberal democracy - as covers for state-sponsored theft, fraud and the enlargement of bureaucracy - have preserved political systems of the utterly insignificant individual and the all-powerful state, in which politics dictates life and not vice versa and a simulated battle between nationalists and socialists continues, implying there is no alternative but the choice between the left and the right. This virtual conflict is used to disguise their fundamental agreement and block any real alternatives. They both agree that capitalism is evil, that the free maket is just a myth, and that the state is an indispensable mechanism for running people’s lives. The latest false alternative is Euro-socialism, the unconditional trust in the wisdom of political control and regulation by centralized EU institutions.

Capitalism is the solution to problems rather than their source. The state is the source of problems rather than their solution.

We, the signatories to this Declaration, devoted to the tradition of classical liberalism, demand powerful advocacy and universal acceptance of individual freedoms and responsibility, which are now repressed and threatened by this collectivist coalition. Our position: we reject both nationalism and socialism, either in their crude or sophisticated European variant;  we embrace the system of natural freedom, where human life is unhampered and unrepressed, where new traditions are established and old ones restored, where every individual is free as well as responsible, where the market and not state bureaucracy is the judge of values and where the role of the state is minimal.

Fundamental principles we uphold and consider indispensable for the society of free people are as follows:

  1. Limitation of the state role to providing high quality protection services of voluntary contracts which are not to the detriment of third parties, defense against violence and protection of property rights.

  2. Free market and abolition of all state interference with the economy as the main vehicle of enslavement of both individuals and entire nations, rejection of all institutional relics of socialist economy, unconditional restitution of plundered private property as well as denationalization.

  3. Constitutional provision for individual freedoms and responsibilities, based on the paradigm of classical liberalism and rule of law outside the realm of nationalist, socialist and other collectivist paradigms, as a guarantee that no society will ever again be founded on nationalism or socialism or their derivatives.

  4. Abolition of subjugation by the state of the individual as an immature and dependent person, forever an object of paternalist state intervention. The individual rather than the state, is a cultural, economic and ideological sovereign. Individualism is a moral value, whereas glorification of collectivist „values“ is the road to ethical nihilism and slavery. Free and responsible society can only be built by free and responsible individuals.


    Bohinj, September 2010.

    Ivan Janković     Rado Pezdir     Miroslav Prokopijević
    Janez Šušterčić     Aleksandar Novaković     Tomaž Štih
    Andrej Stanimirović     Viktor Trifunovski     Borislav Ristić     Boris Meglič
    Milutin Pavićević     Luka Gubo     Slobodan Radosavljević



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Bohinjska deklaracija, 2010